SharePoint 2013 Fnd, Disable-SPTimer cmdlet returns (the '..'' timer job can not be disabled)


  • I want to move a SharePoint 2013 Fnd. content DB. Following

    I will stop all timer services accessing the webapp. From the URL open the PowerShell 2013 Console (as Admin) and issue


    Get-SPTimerJob -webapplication <http://WebApplicationURL> | select name | Out-File <c:\timerjobfile.txt> -Append -Encoding ascii

    ForEach($tmrjob in (Get-Content <c:\timerjobfile.txt>)) { Get-SPTimerJob -Identity $tmrjob | Disable-SPTimerjob }

    The Get-SPTimer job generates the expected file but the Disable-SPTimerJob returns "The <jobname> timer job cannot be disabled. "  for two jobs:

    "Timer Service Lock Management"

    "Config Refresh"

    Those jobs aren't listed in the generated text file so why they appear in the error message is unclear.

    What am I missing?



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