Win 2003 R2 STD SP2 - explorer.exe doesn't load


  • I've already found this topic:

    This exactly describes our problem.
    Some vendor of some database program installed some software. After rebooting the server we experienced this issue.
    Not able to login, logging in holds when the server tries to load explorer.exe.
    If we then manually start it by accessing the task manager - new task and so on, the server continues to load the profile.

    However, the following is strange: once we did this (manually load the explorer.exe), the issue is fixed for that user which we used to login. Even if we log off, the issue does not return.

    Unfortunately the server is also used for terminal services :( so all users have this issue, we can't possibly manually start explorer.exe for all the users.

    What I want do know, in the topic I linked in the top of this thread, there are 2 suggestions:
    1. sfc /scannow

    2. manually copy/paste the original explorer.exe from the dvd/cd

    Option 1 is not an option considering we remotely manage the server, if I'm correct, you can only enter the command at the console. (the physical interface?)

    Option 2 has the same issue: we have to be there. We try to solve as much as we can by working remote.
    So what I want to know, if we can't find a dvd/cd win 2003 std sp2 at our office, can we just use the explorer.exe from windows 7/8 serverxxxx/ ... ?

    Or are there any other solutions?
    The above solution might not even work... So all this trouble might be for nothing..

    Thanks in advance

    Monday, September 16, 2013 7:45 PM


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