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  • Hi Folks,

    Apologies if I have posted on the wrong Forum

    I will keep this brief .

    My customer currently has an old SBS 2003 standard physical server. They utilize the integrated Exchange 2003 system. It now needs to be changed/upgraded due to lack of hard disk space and incompatibility between Outlook 2013 and exchange 2003 amonst other thing.

    SBS is no longer available but as the company has grown substantially in the last few years SBS would have been unsuitable anyway. The company has about 80 user accounts across 60 Computer systems.

    I have decided after much research to replace the old SBS2003 system with one new Physical server running Windows 2012R2 Hyper V as the Host O/S.. I have also setup 2 Gen 1 VM's running Server 2012 standard, (NOT 2012 R2). I have then promoted one of the VM's to be a domain controller simply by adding Active Directory Domain services role. The othe VM will be used as an exchange 2010 server .. I have the Exchange 2010 SP3 installation lying in wait on the second VM but I havent installed yet as it requires access to domain accounts.

    The new Server has about 1 terabyte of Hard drive space and 32 gig Ram. The DC has been allocated 8 gig of Ram and 500 gig of Hard drive space. The exchange 2010 VM has been allocated 12 gig Ram with 150 gig Hard drive space.

    What I need now is a guide on how to get this new server installed on my existing network and removing the existing SBS2003 box. 

    I know i have to attach the new domain Controller VM to the existing domain and allow active directory account information etc to replicate onto the new DC VM. Apparently this can take a few days. I am unsure however at which point I connect the exchange server to the old sbs2003 box in order to move the mailboxes.. actually I am not even sure if I ever connect the new exchange VM to the old sbs 2003 box. Would it be better to get the DC replaced first. i.e attach the DC to the existing domain.. let the active directory info to replicate.. transfer the roles, demote the sbs2003 box?? I am concerned that the old mailboxes on the sbs2003 box will then be irretrievable..

    Perhaps someone can clarify the steps in sequence that I need to follow to end up with my DC VM and Exchange 2010 VM with migrated mailboxes installed as replacement for the current sbs 2003 box.

    Some other notes:  Although i have used 2012 R2 for the hyper V host I have decided that 2012 made better sense for the VM operating systems due to the better compatibility with exchange 2010 in one VM and simply because of online advice on the DC VM. 

    Thanks in advance

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014 10:36 PM

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