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    Hi All,


    I have to dimensions which are unrelated in the same model.


    - Divisions


    - Accounts Payable

    - Total

    - Paid


    - Completion


    Now, I have added figures in Jan 2008 and Feb 2008 for Total and Paid. Form / Assignment works fine. Cells are yellow for entry.


    When I added a new dimension (Audit). Original Form / Assignment no longer show yellow cells till I dropped Audit dimension in and the None Member of it. I drop it into a row or column then hide it. If I drop it into the Filter, the Business User will still see on top in the header of the Matrix which dimensions have been. This might throw them off.


    These two dimensions are unrelated.


    1) Is there a way to remove 'None' Member in the dimensions like Scenario so that it rolls up into 'All' instead of 'None'. As you can tell this would be a maintenance nightmare to go back to forms to included any newly created dimensions. Other option is to create a seperate model for each.


    1) I have tried creating a new dimension by importing from csv but it creates None automatically.

    2) I can't remove None.

    3) I can change the dimension in Visual Studio but never apply changes, can't imagine the effects.


    It seems we may need to go the separate model idea, any ideas.







    Wednesday, March 05, 2008 10:15 PM


  • Sorry I would go with 2 models. Making structural changes I think it is usually expected that the data entry form would have to be modified as well... But yes we could make it easier for the simple case of set the default member to none and old forms should use that.

    You actually have 2 problems around this:

    1) yes making a structural change to a model will mean you need to go back an update data entry form definitions. In general this shouldn't be too much of a problem once the model is mature.

    2) you can only do data entry at the leaf level in PPS. The "all" member is not at the leaf level. And we need to have the filter defined to get the information for writeback.

    (even if the default member was changed to none we currently need the filter - this part about requring the filter even if the default member is set is definitely that we plan to address in future releases. This would allow the default member to be set to none, and the old forms don't need to be udpated)
    Thursday, March 06, 2008 12:00 AM