Flooding setting in FCS RRS feed


  • Hi Dom,

    In this case "auto-approval" is what moves the client machines in MOM from pending actions to agent-managed machines.  It doesn’t matter how the clients were installed.

    Once you set it back to true, the machines should move from pending actions on their own within an hour.  If they aren't moving, check to see if the setting reverted.

    Instead of trying to get an alert when the flood detection rule trips, I’d focus on figuring out why.  It shouldn't be happening except under virus outbreak conditions.

    Check the MOM Operations console to see which machine is generating the alerts and why it’s generating the alerts, and address those computers issues.

    If you see the source of the events as the MOM server itself, it’s a good indication that the server is severely undersized for the number of clients. The only real fix is improve the hardware (or if virtual, give it more resources/move it to a more powerful host)

    Kemper - MSFT


    Thursday, January 6, 2011 10:45 PM