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  • Hi Project Server Experts!

          I am new to Project Server and I need help understanding how to accomplish this task:  I want tasks assigned to generic resources to show up in the task list of the related people managers.  This way the people managers will be able to re-assign the task to a named resource.  How do I accomplish this?  I tried assigning the people managers as the assignment owners at the task level for each generic resource assignment, but this didn't work either.  Do I need to use RBS?

          This seems like it should be easy to accomplish!



    Tuesday, January 17, 2017 4:53 PM

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  • Hi,

    when I need that, I use the following approach (and call it semi-generic).

    • Create a non-generic resource without login
    • Set people manager as Deafault Assignment Owner for this resource
    • I always set max units to 0, since this resource will not perform any work
    • Add to view "My Work" resource, if it is not there and use it e.g. for grouping. This will help the people manager so separte own tasks from task for this semi-generic resource.

    Does that help?

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    Tuesday, January 17, 2017 8:46 PM