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  • I am currently running Vista Business 64-bit.

    I have a Kengsington Expert USB Mouse pluged into a USB to PS/2 adaptor and plugged into a KVM.

    Vista detected it as a Generic PS/2 Microsoft mouse.

    I installed the latest drivers from Kengsington's website, but these drivers did not seem to install properly (mouse properties did not show the "Mouse Works" menus). From what I read online, this is due to no 64-bit support from Kengsington.

    The mouse has 4 buttons, and I would like to customize these buttons.  This was easy in Debian Linux (added some code in xorg.conf).

    Since I could not find a way to natively map these mouse buttons, I found an application for  XP 64-bit from www.highrez.co.uk, that remaps the mouse buttons. It seems to work nicely, however for any system/administrator messages  or tasks, the mouse reverts back to acting like this software was not installed, In addition to this every so often the ability to click stops for a few minutes all together.

    Now I know this third party software is going to take the blame, but why cant I map (and use) the other buttons of my mouse natively in vista? If there is a way please let me know because i would love to get rid of this third party application.

    If there is no native mapping for the mouse buttons, then why is this app acting so differently for system menus (like the control panel, or the "are you sure you want to run this application" message)?
    Tuesday, April 10, 2007 2:03 PM