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  • Bug Description: There is a bug in Microsoft Works version 9.0 where trying to copy-paste certain html entities from firefox, e.g. the space character  , causes microsoft works to crash. Other html entities, such as ▼, are copied normally as are all of the same snippets copied from internet explorer 8.


    • Firefox: 3.6.12
    • Microsoft Works: 9.0
    • Windows: Windows 7 Home Premium (I tried making Works emulate XP and Vista, but the error persisted)

    To reproduce:

    1. Create a new text document
    2. Copy in the html entity " " (without the quotes)
    3. Save the text document as "test.html"
    4. Open test.html in firefox
    5. Select All (ctrl+ a)
    6. Copy (ctrl + c)
    7. Open Microsoft Works
    8. Paste into a new document (ctrl + v)


    • A space character should be added to the document.


    • An error dialog pops up that says "Microsoft Works Word processor has stopped working" with a single button that says "close program"

    I've seen this bug talked about elsewhere but never seen specific repro steps, so I hope this forum is the right place for this.



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