Things to keep an eye on or look for regarding performance and maybe automate into a report?


  • Here are a few things Ive got on my list that I currently have in various scripts to gather this information.

    Top 10 slowest slowest statements
    Missing indexes
    Unused indexes review for removal (taking up space)
    Login errors (could indicate security issues, or system issues)
    Index fragmentation
    Top 10 largest tables (might indicate bad process or more likely candidate for purging old data etc)

    Can anyone else share some good things to search for?

    Some of the above items I would want to look for more frequently than others, so im not sure they would all fit in a single job.  It might even be something I roll into an SSIS package and simply run locally on occasion, or automate it and record the data into different logging tables for historical metrics.  Not sure yet.

    Friday, April 25, 2014 10:35 PM


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