Server Backup failure - how to proceed


  • Windows Server Essentials R2 Xeon V3 1240 16GB RAM with a 240GB SSD for OS, 4x 3TB WD red drives as one storage space (F), with server folders, 2x 2TB drives not yet assigned (for possible virtual Windows 8 install) and one 4TB drive that was designated for server backup.

    2.6 TB of the storage space used in the storage space (F), plus the OS only on the SSD.

    4TB drive was installed and setup for backup, system formated as NTSF, has 0 bytes used.

    Backup setup not to back up the storage space (drive F), but checking setup in Server manager, it is setup to backup OS, and "server folders", although when I click on that to expand nothing is there.

    Backup is failing with the message that there is insufficient disk space or memory, but does not say which.

    Since 4TB is greater than the space used on the current drives, I would think that it has enough disk space.  16GB seems like sufficient memory.

    Any suggestions on what to check next?    This is a non-critical home server, and I may just turn the server backups off, as I keep a duplicate copy of the important stuff on a different server (Linux).  That server is not on active directory, and I kind of wish that like the old Windows home server the WSE R2 could backup to that network resource.  But I can't figure out how to do that, seems Windows server backup wants to own the drive....

    Any suggestions appreciated!


    Thursday, August 15, 2013 1:06 AM