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  • We have a small development network. My boss wants to use project in order to organize tasks in a central location for a handful of upper management. Project Server 2013 was suggested. We have a TFS2012 server that has Sharepoint 2013 Ent. 

    My questions:

    1. Does Project Server 2013 need to be installed on the TFS2012 Server or can it be installed on a separate server and still tie into the Sharepoint 2013 that exists on the TFS2012 server? Will it bog performance due to having to communicate over the network?
    2. If Project should have it's own server with it's own sharepoint, the min requirements for the Project server are fairly high (with Sharepoint2013, SQL2012, Project2013) at 4 processors and 24GB memory. Can lower specs be implemented or would it slow it down too much?
    3. Project Professional 2013 seems to be able to tie into Sharepoint in order to have a central management area that would allow all members to access and manage tasks. Can you do that without Project Server? Could this just be a simpler route for me to go if doable?

    I was told that TFS has something that could manage tasks but it was shot down (supposedly it wasn't good enough for tracking what they wanted). I've never touched Sharepoint or Project Server. Any direction would be appreciated. I'm just trying to find a place to start. Thanks.

    Tuesday, December 3, 2013 9:37 PM

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  • Hard to say without knowing your requirements, but I wouldn't dismiss MS Project Standard - Project Standard is pretty powerful in itself, and if you deploy that solution you don't need to worry about server infrastructure and Sharepoint - it all runs on the client, and the only server-side support you'd need would be a document store of some sort.

    What requirements have you got that led you to investigate MS Project Server? The requirement you've given us (i.e. "to organize tasks in a central location" is perfectly achievable with Project Standard.

    I'm not trying to be dismissive - just wanted to check if we could save you a lot of time and money.


    Wednesday, December 4, 2013 2:04 PM