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  • At my company we provide postscript support by using PPD file and MS postscript .dll files, when using a MS Word document that has a Japanese file name or a file name that contains Latin characters with accent it fails to display properly on the printer control panel (in the case of Japanese it shows corrupted; for Latin character the character is missing the accent – it happens on Vista, XP or any other Windows OS), when creating/capturing the printable data I can see that the file name has been changed by the spooler when creating the printable data, testing my PPD file or using the windows inbox PPD based driver I get same results, this seems limitation of the postscript .dll/spooler but I need to confirm that in fact this is limitation, can anyone confirm that this is limitation (again this is just PPD based driver so no custom plug-in or .dll it is used).

    Sample of the printable data:

    %%Title: (Microsoft Word - \203T\203^\201[\203\223DMT\227v\213\201UC\203V\201[\203g.doc)  <-- Page title corrupted (japanese file name)

    %%Creator: PScript5.dll Version 5.2.2

    Thank you.


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