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  • Hey All

    We have been experiencing a new problem within our SharePoint installation and wonder if anyone can shed some light on it.

    A member of staff asked me to move their files, from one Doc Lib to another on a different site, but I am now receiving an error stating that it cannot read from Source file or disk.

    I only get this error if I try to drag and drop the file from one explorer window to another, which I am sure I have done before.  Strangely if I try to repeat the same operation within a single site, then drag and drop works fine.  I also noted that if I copy the files, then past them into the new window, again the operation works fine.  I then just delete the original.

    I have read a number of posts instructing me to change IE sttings to allow Iframe operatiosn etc, but this doesn't seem to change anything.

    I was wondering if everyone else has the same problem or if this is a new error.  I am sure that I have done this before, but now am wondering if I was just moving files around within the same site.

    To give you a bit more info about our setup, here is our hierarchy

    We have a 3 tier setup:

    Root (Home)


                                Department Site

                                Department Collaboation Site


                                Department Site

                                Department Collaboation Site

                      Cross College

                                Department Site

                                Department Collaboation Site


    If anyone has any ideas or solutions, I would be very grateful!  Does this act the same on your system?


    Many Thanks


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  • Do you see any additional error details in your SharePoint ULS Logs?

    Thanks & Regards,
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    Friday, August 5, 2011 9:57 AM
  • Ryan,


    Which IE version are you running with? This sounds like a problem with IE and nothing to do with sharepoint. Do you mean only dragging and dropping doesn't work where as copy/paste in explorer view works fine.

    Mohammed Hussain
    Friday, August 5, 2011 10:42 AM
  • Hey Guys

    KSDN - I am unfamiliar with ULS Logs, but have found an articfle about them, so will check to see if there are any errors in the log.

    M Hussain - We are running IE 8 and IE 9,  The error seems to happen on both versions, even with the IFrame options enables in Interent Options.  It's a bit of wierd one!
    Copy and paste works fine though again for both versions.  I know we could just use this, but there must be something causing this?  Does the same happen with your setup?


    Many Thanks for replying


    Friday, August 5, 2011 11:57 AM
  • Ryan,

    No. I try to simulate the same issue while running in different browsers(IE7, 8 & 9). It just worked fine for me.

    1. Are you getting this error in popup window or on sharepoint page?
    2. Can you try drag/drop operations on another site and see it works there?
    3. Can you check to see any of the files are in checked-out mode while you are trying to drag/drop the files?

    Mohammed Hussain
    Friday, August 5, 2011 12:16 PM
  • Hey RyanDH,

    Are you using passthrough authentication? That is, are the Sharepoint site permissions the same as the pc login credentials?

    Friday, August 5, 2011 3:49 PM
  • Hi ,


    I think you are moving files between document libraries in the subsites of Coporate, Curriculum , Cross College . Moving files between libraries in sub-sites that are more than 1 level below the root site is not supposed to drag .You should  use  copy and paste .It is by design .


    For more detailed information ,please refer to this site:

    SharePoint and the “Cannot move <filename>: Cannot read from the source file or disk.” error via Windows Explorer View: http://paulliebrand.com/2011/06/24/sharepoint-and-the-cannot-move-filename-cannot-read-from-the-source-file-or-disk-error-via-windows-explorer-view/



    Entan Ming
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