Problem moving content on 2nd and subsequent WSUS servers when creating NLB'd Active SUP


  • Dear all,

    I'm following this article step by step to configure WSUS in NLB'd environment.:

    I'm stuck on step 7. It asks to move WSUS content from local path to shared location. I've :


    Server1 has a share created SUPShare which will be used as shared resource for WSUS content (step 3 from above article).

    All 3 servers are member of local "Administrators" group and "WSUS Administrators" group on all 3 servers.

    When in Step 7; moving content for Server1 to shared location went fine; for Server2 and Server3 after I modified "Content" folder's path to \\Server1\SupShare   (Step 5. Configure Internet Information Services (IIS) to enable content share access)  when executing wsusutil movecontent \\Server1\SupShare Server2.log /skipcopy I'm having following error on both Server 2 and Server 3.

    C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools>wsusutil.exe movecontent \\Server1\SupShare ServerX.log /skipcopy
    Content location is being moved. Please do not stop this program.
    Content move failed. Please refer to the log file for more details.
    Fatal Error: The new content file location is the same as the old location: \\Server1\SupShare
    Parameter name: fileLocationNew

    Same error occurs on both Server2 and Server3.The log generated says "The new content file location is the same as the old location: \\Server2\SupShare". I ran to move WUS content for first time and did not modify any thing else except following article step by step.  Please help. Thanks.


    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 6:37 AM


  • Hi,

    I think you have get an architecture misunderstanding of "Configure Active SUP to use NLB cluster" from your provided technet document:

    From your description, I got you have 3 site server: Server1, Server2 and Server3. And each site server has a WSUS and SUP installed. Then you want to configure upon 3 SUP to NLB to improve capability or availability, am I right?

    Here upon technet document "Configure Active SUP to use NLB cluster" means configure one acitve SUP to use a clutered NLB WSUS servers. Following picture will give an overview:

    So i think you should build the WSUS Cluster first.

    Here are the references:

    How to setup WSUS & SUP role in NLB

    Hope this will help.


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