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  • Hello, 

    I am running SC DPM 2012 SP1, connected to a 16 slot library, containing 10 LTO-5 tapes and one Cleaning tape.
    I have 6 Protection Groups, all with weekly tape backup and 1 month retention, in 3 Co-location groups, of 2TB, 1.8TB and 1.8TB.

    I want DPM to write the data from the each PG on one tape each, without setting it as offset ready, resulting in only using  three tapes for the moment. When the tapes fill, I want DPM to start on a new tape and offset the one that was filled.

    I am not sure how to set up the Write Period and Expiry tolerance to achieve this, because I think that would be the only factor which affects "offsite ready" state at this moment (correct me if I'm wrong).

    At the moment, Write perios = 6months, ExpiryTolerance=6months. "Don't allow backups of different retention periods to co-locate on the same tape" is deactivated at this moment.

    My problem now is that tapes go "ready for offsite" too soon.

    (maybe something similar has been asked already, but I haven't found too much for 2012 SP1, plus the big difference from 2010)

    Thank you, 


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  • Hi,

    My problem now is that tapes go "ready for offsite" too soon.

    Define too soon, and how much data was written to the tape ?  Are you certain it isn't full ?

    Write period is the length of time for which a tape is available for writing new backups. The tape is marked as Offsite Ready after this.

    You have configured that for 6 months, so unless the tape is filled, it should be able to be written to for 6 months from the day of the first backup.

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    Wednesday, February 27, 2013 9:10 PM
  • Hello, Mike

    "Too soon" in my situation means they go offsite ready exactly after DPM puts the backup on tape, and examples right here I have 1.7tb, 2.0 tb; all on LTO5 tapes (1.5 native, 3compressed). Compression is, obviously, enabled.

    You are right, I totally agree and I have done extensive reading on the concepts; Write period is as simple as it can get, but after all these tries I just think I might be doing something wrong, although everything seems to be in normal parameters.

    It just may be that the expiry tolerance messes everything up for me?

    Thursday, February 28, 2013 7:43 AM