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  • OK, I've had Vista for 4 nights now and below is what I've tried and the
    outcomes I've got!

    partitioned my C:\ drive keeping current XP installation on C:\ and using
    the other for Vista

    tried installing from within XP to new partition
    tried installing from DVD to new partition

    gone into the BIOS, turned off everything (USB, Firewire, audio, network
    card etc etc), unplugged everything (including swapping my memory around and
    taking some out) but monitor & keyboard and then tried installing from within
    XP and straight from disc

    Formatted my C:\ drive, losing my XP installation and put the HDD back to a
    single partition

    tried installing from disc to c:\ drive as normal
    tried installing again with everything turned off in the BIOS
    tried again with everything turned off and letting the Vista disc format the
    C:\ drive
    tried with everything turned off and a different model graphics card!
    tried unplugging all drives, USB etc except monitor, keyboard 1 HDD and a
    normal DVD-ROM drive

    altogether I've tried to install it around 18-20 times

    I've also tried doing the install to the freezing and then trying a repair
    but it says the installation hasn't finished so cannot repair.

    one of two things happen each time:

    i) It starts installing OK, reboots a couple of times and while still with
    the installation list on screen it freezes on "Completing Instalation"

    ii) It seems to install fine, asks for username, PC name & wallapaper, boots
    to a black screen with mouse pointer and then freezes

    with the 1st outcome if I restart the PC it boots up and says something went
    wrong and it cannot complete the installation and then removes everything
    from the HDD

    with the 2nd outcome it just restarts and gets to the same point each time,
    or if I boot to safe mode it just says that installation could not be
    completed in safemode and then restarts it self and freezes on the black
    screen again.

    My PC is 2 months old and passed the Vista "test" software from their site

    Intel 945 chipset, Foxconn motherboard (with upto date BIOS), Pentium D
    3.4Ghz, 2Gb DDR2 RAM (2x 512Mb & 1x 1024Mb - I've tried removing the 1024 as
    that didn't come with the PC), GeForce 7950GT 256Mb PCI-E (also tried with my
    brothers 7300), Sony BWU-100A Blu-ray writer, 4 internal HDD's (I have 3 IDE

    I've basically tried swapping/removing/turning off everything except
    changing my motherboard & CPU!

    I'm about to give up, there's one last thing I will try tomorrow and thats
    installing to my HDD in someone elses PC then putting it back into mine
    before activating if that will work?
    Friday, February 2, 2007 1:47 PM

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  • anyone?

    I've still not been able to get this going!
    Saturday, February 3, 2007 7:08 PM
  • Hey Matt - join the club.  A lot of us are having the same or similar problems.  Of the dozen or so people I've talked with who've tried to upgrade in the last couple days, about 5 of them were successful on the first try and another 5 are still trying.

    Me included!

    Frankly, I expected more from M-soft.

    Saturday, February 3, 2007 7:55 PM