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  • I am a total newbie and know nothing about computers.  I have a laptop and my daughter has a laptop.  I wanted to share my printer and pictures with her laptop.  I thought the way to do that was through homegroup and that it would be simple.  I already have her set up using my wireless internet.  Here's the problem - We both have Windows 7 but when I go to Control Panel/Network and Internet/Homegroup both computers say "This computer belongs to a homegroup".  I figured I'd set mine up and then have her join it.  So I selected Share pictures, music, printers. and tried to save changes.  It wouldn't save the changes.  I also tried to click Leave the Homegroup and start over.  So it shows an error "windows couldn't remove your computer from the homegroup" or it continualy runs the pop up for removal, or it just returns to the same page stating This computer belongs to a homegroup.  I read some other threads and deleted the file idstore.sst underC:\windows\serviceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking  - Didn't help.  I also tried shutting down the homegroup services through task manager - Didn't help.  I've tried all this on both computers to see if I could get a homegroup set on hers and file share with mine.  Same Issues - I never get to the Join Group.

    How do I fix this?  Any suggestions - in plain, simple english please, I am not very computer literate.  Thanks, 

    Okay I shut down my computers and restarted them... I get the Share with other home computers page.  I started all over and select the create a homegroup button at bottom on my computer.  It goes through its process and gets me to a page that shows the new homegroup password with a link at bottom for How can other computers join my homegroup.  New popup tells me to go to each computer I want to add and click open Homegroup and then to click Join Now and complete the wizard.

    So I log back on my daughter's computer and I get the Share with other home computers page, no Join page.  What am I doing wrong??

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