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  • Hi I have a an ASUS N50V laptop purchased online about a year and half ago.   http://techgage.com/article/asus_n50vn_154_notebook/

    Yesterday I installed a JAVA update and a couple small updates for MOZILLA, after the updates installed themselves MOZILLA started to lag and the "not responding" message popped up many times over the next 20 minutes.  After the 3rd or 4th not responding internet message I restarted and was sent to the Windows error message upon reboot that prompted me to reboot normall or enter recovery mode.  I tried both and the screen booted to a "Windows is Loading Files" and then the standard Microsoft green loading bar.  After that it came to a blank screen with a cursor.  AFter this and quiet a few redos, I opted to go to the F8 Boot options menu.  After this, I proceeded to choose every single option on the list in the Advanced Boot options and the same result, Microsoft green loading screen and then blank screen with enlarged white cursor.

    My parents apparently threw away my box that this came in along with all the recovery discs inside.

    I was wondering....1)  Is this a typcial RAM or Harddrive malfunction?  2)  Can I load an alternate OS to go around this problem.  3)  Will VISTA recognize a pirated copy of VISTA Recovery since I do not have my original and if yes, will it work to do a clean reinstall.

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010 7:17 PM