Explorer view showing empty folder RRS feed

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  • Platform: MOSS 2007 Service Pack 3

    I am one of a few sharepoint admins for our farm. For some problems, my daily login without any special privs is sufficient to help people resolve problems.

    However, at times, I need to switch to an account that has been added to the central admin managed farm admin group, to elevate the privleges to demonstrate techniques or to fix things that a specific user is unable to resolve.

    Recently, I have begun to notice some cases - generally doc libraries with restrictive access - which act unexpectedly.

    When I, signed in as the elevated user, attempt to change the doc library view to explorer view, I end up with a separate window which tells me the library is empty. However, it isn't empty. There are folders and files there.

    I have even tried adding my admin account to the owner group - I see the same thing. The other, non-privleged users are seeing the same thing.

    The goal here is to move files and folders around the doc library. This is not a publishing site so as far as I can see, in terms of out of the box functionality, explorer view is all that is available.

    I have checked and the WebClient service is running.

    Other sites (that my daily login controls act) exactly as expected, so it isn't that the functionality is broken. It seems to be some sort of issue with restricted permissions.

    Does anyone have some suggestions on how to deal with this?


    Thursday, November 15, 2012 3:48 PM