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  • So I'm looking at the Feb. 2008 revision of this doc and it's great so far then on page 23 of NAP_802.1XStepByStep.doc it goes on to configuring VLAN information...

    And I also looked at this blog:
    which have 3 VLANs defined,

    but I don't see from NAP_802.1XStepByStep.doc or Part1 Part2 or Part3 (of above blogs) how non-compliant clients will get different IPs as defined in VLAN config on the switch.

    My question is, if clients are using DHCP and they are non-compliant , what do I need to do to get  a different IP  range or class assigned to these clients?

    Thursday, September 25, 2008 12:20 AM


  • Think of a vLAN as a virtual hub - all computers assigned to that vLAN are essentially on the same physical segment, as far as the machines are concerned.  So as long as you provide differing address spaces to each of those virtual segments (via DHCP, either directly or via DHCP relay), then the clients, once connected/assigned to the vLAN, will request for and be assigned addresses specific to that vLAN.

    It's an oversimplification of vLANs, but it serves my purposes for most thinking about vLANs.  :)


    Chris Edson
    SDET II, Network Access Protection Platform Team

    Friday, September 26, 2008 1:08 AM