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  • Hi,

    I only recently noticed that the database log file (sharepoint_config_log.ldf is nearly 50gb in size, and we are having a bit of a harddrive space issue on our sharepoint server.

    Ive looked into ways to shrink the database log file and found one that involves changing the backup method to simple (its currently set to full).

    When I select shrink -> file -> change the data type to log, it says it will free up 98% of the space.

    What is being removed?

    Im not familiar with full or simple backup methods, since we're only  a small group we dont have a DBA, My questions are: what impact will changing this backup method have?

    If I change it to simple now, and shrink the log file, will I be able to turn the Full backup back on? and if I do this, will it expand to 50gb again?

    The databases are on the local sharepoint server and is a Virual Machine running on a Hyper V host if that makes any difference...

    The databases and the server are being backed up nigthly using Data Protection Manager

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  • Hi,

    Either change the backup Model to simple which means you will be able to restore the site in case of failure to the point in time of your last bacup. or Perform regular full bacups and transaction log backups.

    You can create a maintenance plan to perform a FULL backup of All UserDBs and then a Transaction Log Backup of AllUserDBs after this runs twice. You can easily Shrink the databases...

    Reference http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms178037.aspx

    If your not concerned about being able to perform a point in time restore and are OK with restoring to the point of the last backup thyen change the recovery model to simple and you will not have to worry about transaction log file growth..










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