XP anti spyware virus


  • Background:


    Computer runs XP Professional SP3


    Problem :


    Recent Virus:  “XP Anti Spyware 2011” showed spyware present and wanted to download a fix. Wouldn’t allow any updates from either Microsoft Updates or Security Essentials.


    Took Zone alarm off line and removed “XP Anti Spyware 2011”. Windows Security Alerts button remains red with X.


     Additional Issues :


     1)  Although both Windows Security, Control Panel Automatic Updates have enabled Automatic Updates, no downloads for security updates were allowed and no history was available. Security Essentials showed error 0X80070424, which basically says to turn those services on to allow updating.


    2)  Looking at Services, Automatic Updates, Windows Update and Microsoft Updates are all missing. Assuming the virus deleted or moved these, what is the Application I can use to reinstall those services ?


    3)  Seems to have lost the validation for Genuine Microsoft Software
    Wednesday, May 18, 2011 10:44 PM

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