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    ok this is unheard of to me. now my dvd rw drive runs cd's fine but when i used dvds my comp begain to slowly go down heel with reading them. now it asks me to insert disk and doesnt recognize the disk. i confirmed this problem by buying an external dvd drive and guess what it does the same exact thing. i confirmed that it worked on the beedroom computer and it works like a dream. but once again i hook it up and no auto start going into my computer double click drive pops open and says please insert disk. i checked my auto start config and misc other troubleshooting.. and i have gotten now where. next stop no pc for over ten days cause its going to hp where thell probly jst ship it back and wait till my warranty is up to tell me that they cant help me. there good at that. any ways its media center pc an m8200n and the drive is

    a hl-dt-st dvdrrw gsa-h30L scsi cdrom device. ive tried safe mode ive tryed newest software and firmware and drivers. ive tried the media player fix where you make sure nothing is disabled in you sound catagory. so to make it sweet and short the drive works heck theres two and ones hooked up via usb and cd's work dvd's get the error insert disk. the only other thing i can think that would help is that it trys to load the disk and takes forever till it comes up with that error. it used to be that i could get into the disk by right clicking and explore it would jst take forever to load now nothing. oh and i tried disabling the drive in the computer and jst using the external and that didnt work either. please help i will love you forever if you help me keep hp from driving me nuts. oh one more thing theres recalls on certain models of the dvd drives im not sure if mine is affected no real way of telling cause there software fix  isnt compatible and no list of all serials that will not work hp's trying to save money by seeing if they can slip by most of these recalls. but thts it folks thnx ,      names eli and i will check this thread out later today before the box gets here from hp to send it back to them










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