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  • We are an Office365 environment with hosted SharePoint. We do not use Project Server or Project Online. We created a project SharePoint site. I created a project plan in Project Pro 2013 locally. When it was more or less done I synced it to a new SharePoint site which was created during the syncing as a sub-site. I did this for two projects and they have both acted the same.

    Everything was looking great at this point. Especially nice was the timeline view so people can at a glance see what is going on. 

    From here I used the SharePoint site to "Open With Project" and make some modifications, adding a few new tasks and changing the dates/unit/ect on some others. I then saved the project which synced it back to the SharePoint site. From this point on, no matter what I do with that task list on SharePoint or project file in Project the timeline is broken. It will not display any task, even though they are assigned to the timeline.

    From SharePoint they can be removed from the timeline and added to the timeline, but they will not show a box on the timeline. The timeline will adjust the start and finish dates based on which tasks are added, but they will not be visible. It is not only the timeline on the task list, but also the one on the summary and a separate timeline only web-part on the parent project page pointed to the task list. From Project they can also be removed and added to the timeline. It doesn't allow them to be seen or not in SharePoint. It does properly reflect in Project's Timeline though. 

    I have been able to create a new project file locally, copy the tasks from the project file that is associated with the task list into it, delete the task list from SharePoint, save the new project locally with a new name, and finally synch it to an existing SharePoint site with a different Task List name and get the tasks into a new timeline. However, once opened with project and saved the problem comes back. I tried repeating the process and going back to the original task list name, but the timeline never showed the tasks in this case.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this behavior? Any ideas on how to fix it? Prevent it from happening? I can do my best to provide whatever information would be helpful. I can try things with our corporate SharePoint admin as he sits right by me.

    It is completely impractical to constantly create new projects and sync them to new Task lists in an attempt to preserve the Timeline view. It is also impractical to only modify the project from within SharePoint, at that point we might as well drop all the Project subscriptions we have.

    The timeline view is very useful for our leadership teams and people working on a given project. I am trying to push our Project Management process to be one that uses a SharePoint site for each project which the PM can interact with via Project Pro while management can get an overview with SharePoint and project contributors can use SharePoint to make basic Task updates/changes/additions/subtractions as needed. We do not run enough projects to justify Project Server, but I am trying to get Project Pro justified via SharePoint integration.

    (Sent from my personal Office365 account because we disable community on our corporate accounts.)

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  • More info:

    I updated the tasks in Project to not show in the timeline and then synced it back to the SharePoint site. None of the tasks were set to show in the timeline according to SharePoint. So far so good. I then tried to add a task to the timeline. The timeline scale changed, but the task did not show up as an item in the timeline. More tasks would change the scale more. Concurrent tasks would not make the timeline add a second row, likely because no items were showing up as bars in the timeline graph.

    I removed the task list and created a new project with no items on the project timeline and then saved it to SharePoint. Inside SharePoint I added tasks to the timeline and they were added as expected, showing up as bars in the graph and adding rows when they were concurrent.

    When I opened it in Project it had the items shown as on the timeline in Project. I removed those items from the project timeline and closed the project, saving it as it closed. The tasks were removed from the SharePoint timeline as well. Attempting to add them back brought back the behavior of tasks not appearing while the scale changed.

    I then tried the same basic steps as above, a new project synced up with the timeline feature used on SharePoint only. This time I didn't touch the option for showing a task on the timeline or not in Project when I made a modification to a completely separate task. I saved the project file to sync back to SharePoint and the missing bar graph behavior was back.

    Finally I tried the same basic process only this time I manged the timeline visibility from Project with the same results.

    Essentially what I am seeing is that any time a SharePoint Task List is edited in Project Professional the timeline functionality breaks on the SharePoint site.

    Monday, October 5, 2015 6:34 PM
  • One of the challenges I've seen is related to the version of Project Pro client used. Are you using the Project Professional from Office 365 and installed from the cloud or are you using Project Pro 2013?  If 2013, you will want to apply all of the latest patches to ensure you are in sync with the cloud version. 

    Second, are you the site owner? Project stores a copy of the MPP file in the Site Assets folder and then does the merge with the list. If you aren't the owner, this could be an access related issue.

    Lastly, I did some videos of the process (Tool Demo #2) for a SharePoint Saturday presentation. I know this progression of steps always works. Review it to see if you are doing anything different. https:/ 

    Treb Gatte, Project MVP | Blog | Twitter | CIO Magazine Blog

    Monday, October 5, 2015 8:46 PM
  • Treb,

    Thank you for the ideas and sorry for the delay in response. I have been at a conference half the week.

    I am using the Office 365 version of Project Pro.

    I am the only person in the owners group according to our SharePoint admin.

    I didn't see anything different in the video. To be sure I mostly re-created the actions. I created a brand new project from a blank file. I gave it a handful of nested tasks and added them to the timeline. Then I had it save to a new site. From the get-go the items were not showing on the SharePoint timeline. I added an item to the list and was able to add it to the timeline with it showing. Opening the list in SharePoint I made a modification, added a different task, and when I saved it the SharePoint timeline was no longer showing the one it had previously even.

    It really seems to boil down to anytime I save from Project the Timeline stops showing items on the timeline, even when they are assigned and the timeline shifts in size. This may be a SharePoint issue as opposed to a Project issue, but I can't figure out for sure or what it might be.

    Friday, October 9, 2015 7:32 PM
  • I'm getting exactly the same behavior. Now if I open in the 2016 version of Project, and then sync it back with the SharePoint task list, my Timeline no longer shows any of the tasks. I can remove them and attempt to re-add them, but they are invisible.

    I finally just reverted to keeping them separate. Since this did not happen until after I upgraded to 2016, I'll assume that it's Project inadvertently corrupting the task entries on SharePoint.

    Sr. Program Manager

    Monday, October 12, 2015 9:57 PM
  • I am having the same issue. Anytime you pull the mpp file into Project and save it back to the SharePoint site it doesn't display. I use SharePoint and Project in the same way that CeridianMN is. We don't have Project Online but I use SharePoint to display timelines for each of my projects to upper management.

    I have been watching the following two threads for this same issue.  Maybe the tech support staff can work together.

    Definitely is something that just started about halfway through September.

    Tuesday, October 13, 2015 3:32 PM