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  • Dear forum members,
      I am using a W2k3 infrastructure, with XP installed on desktops. Files shares and folder redirection from these workstations works perfectly.
    Now, it happened, that I had to upgrade my XP to Vista. Since then I have been fighting with Vista.
    Currently, the most frustrating thing that I am absolutely unable to gain access to my files offile, stored on the file server. Formerly - in XP times - I could use the My Documents folder what was redirtected using GP to the server. After the upgrade Vista keeps saying "Access denied" whenever I try to access any file in that folder.
    I thought this folder rediraction process might be too complicated for Vista, so I decided to move my files on the server to another folder under my home directory. After that I mapped that share to a particular drive, lets say drive W.
    I can access, read and wite the files on drive W. However, if I try to make it available offline, the same thing happens : access denied.
    Moreover, I removed my user account from the scope of the GP used to redirect the My documents folder, but Vista keeps thinking this folder is still redirected !
    GP RSoP shows no folder redirection policies in effect. Why the hell can I not get Vista get rid of this policy ?

    Do someone have any idea how to solve this ?

    Many thanks in advance,

    (Sorry for beeing a bit sarcastic about Vista, but I vasted so much time on it insted of working, and this makes me a litlle bit upset)
    Monday, November 24, 2008 10:39 AM