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  • It took me 3 weeks to make a computer that can go through 95% of the 463 training kit.  I document it here so others don't have to suffer.  Still, it may not work as well for you as it does for me because Microsoft sucks ("BMS"  I will be using this a lot)

    Difficulties I suffered.

    1. The necessary software to install everything is in disparate locations and there are many versions of each piece you would need, not all of which work with one another.  I have collected all of them in a dropbox link here because you will see there are a lot.

    2. The order of installation is not very clear and it does matter because some items autodetect others and none of them deal well when things are missing

    Goal: mssql server 2012 that works, Visual studio, Data quality services and master data services all on one computer under one instance with the MDS Excel Add-in.  I did the 64bit version which took me an additional half day, but you won't need this extra time if you read along.

    Prerequisites: Microsoft Windows 7 ultimate.  Do not use Windows 8 or 10 because I know 7 works and with Microsoft's track record, 8 and 10 will probably work after the same 3 week commitment.  Don't do it.  You won't get anything for it.

    Visual Studio

    Chapter 19 involves making a custom component from c#.  It requires SSDTBI and c# templates in vs2012.  Forget it.  It's not possible.  At the end of this SSDT will be in VS 2012 shell and c# will be in VS 2012 express.  Somehow vs2010 will also be installed so now you'll have 3 glorified word processors BMS.  Do not uninstall any of them.  It will result in irreparable damage because the SSDT installer will not let you reinstall the ssdt templates, it will still think they're somewhere on the computer.

    VS 2013 - 2015 allegedly have SSDT included and then not included and then all forms of messiness.  You can try to learn all the subtle intricacies surrounding a turf war gone bad amongst the gear heads at microsoft, or you can duck down and just use 2012 because IT WORKS and the others may work after another 3 weeks of googling.  Anyway...

    Step 1.  Install WD_express first.  You don't really need it, but it keeps the c# dream alive.  Who knows, maybe one day you can import the SSDTBI templates into it

    Step 2.  Install VS2012.5 since VS2012 doesnt' work on windows 7 without it BMS.

    Sql Server 2012.  After 2012 the teams at microsoft must have gone under full hate because everything I read about 2014 was SSDT doesnt' come with it and other issues.  Also there were no changes between 2012 and 2014, so just use 2012.

    Mine came in an iso which is a file that needs another file to run. The other file to run is:

    Step 3. DTLiteInstaller

    Then when you double click the  next file, it should run:

    Step 4. SQLFULL_ENU

    SSDT is an install option, but dont' get your hopes up, it won't work.  For that you need SP3.  Do not read that CU1 CU2 nonsense on the web.  They were interim steps from another lifetime when Microsoft was trying to figure out how to get their own crap to work.  This is why when a new version comes out like 2015, wait three years to adopt it so they can go through this cu1 cu2 crap.  The end result of it, three years later, is an SP of sql server with a working ssdtbi

    Step 5. SQLServer2012SP3-KB3072779-x64-ENU

    Now to add SSDTBI to VS.  It doesn't really do this.  It's too stupid to detect that you have VS installed so it will make vs shell.  Too bad, I have not found a solution

    Step 6. SSDTBI_VS2012_x86_ENU

    Here's a gift of life.  If you're running 64bit sql server, select new instance.  It won't make a new instance.  It will just let ssdtbi work anyway.  Now you have another 2 hours of life you otherwise would have wasted on this issue.  This is why computer gearheads have no life.  If they did, they would be apoplectic by now on all the years of their life wasted solving stupid problems like these BMS.


    SSDTBI installer should work now pursuant to the instructions in the tool kit.  I got system 5 errors everywhere.  The only real solution is to install windows and then these files on a fresh new computer.  If you get these errors, do not bother to fix it.  I spend a week on this.  It's far cheaper to just buy a new computer because a week of your wages is worth more than a new computer and this is how windows makes money bms.


    Here are two very important steps that differ from the book.

    1. You need to run aspnet_regiis -i pursuant to:

    2. You have to add windows features pursuant to the book many times because not all the features take the first time bms.  Just take heart in the fact that the person leading this group of self sabotaging developers now leads the Clippers who will never win a Championship because he is an idiot.

    Also note, there is no framework 4.5 option in the features, so don't look for it.  Just pick both selections under microsoft .net framework 3.5.  

    MDS excel add-in

    MDS add in won't work without the vs 2010 office runtime bms.  Here it is:

    Step 7. vstor_redist

    And the add-in is

    Step 8. MasterDataServicesExcelAddin

    Finally for MDS to work, you need explorer.  If Chrome is your default browser like it is for the rest of America, you'll need to hand download silverlight because Google learned from Microsoft.  Chrome will step on any unfaithful act you make with another browser.  Here it is.

    Step 9. Silverlight_x64

    I copied the names of the files verbatim in case you don't trust my link (who would) so you can google all 9 individual components and download them individually.  

    Wednesday, April 6, 2016 5:56 PM