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  • I may sound silly but I am confused. I have gone through Technet article too but I am not getting a clear idea.

    I am implementing a Probe-Based Preformance Collector Rule and using VBScript to pull data from OperationsManagerDW database. is simple query which fetches Alerts generated in a particular day. The script is like this:

    Set oBag = oAPI.CreatePropertyBag()
    call oBag.AddValue("DBName",Cstr(WScript.Arguments(1)))
    call oBag.AddValue("Date" ,CStr(oResults(0)))
    call oBag.AddValue("Alerts",Cstr(oResults(1)))
    Call oAPI.Return(oBag)

    and its output is:

    <dataitem sourcehealthserviceid="34917726-4329-2B6D-07EE-1856B3490565" time="2012-02-17T22:08:00.6636792+05:30" type="System.PropertyBagData">
    <property name="DBName" varianttype="8">OperationsManagerDW</property>
    <property name="Date" varianttype="8">02/17/2012</property>
    <property name="Alerts" varianttype="8">22</property></dataitem>

    I am not sure what will be the best way to assign Performance Mapper Values, so that I get Number of Alerts (in Y-axis) and Date (in X-axis) in Performance View. Presently I have configured this as:

    But I am sure its correct or not.

    One more thing.

    Right now I am getting only one data against date but what do I have to do with this PropertyBag if I want to collect data for 30 days or 60 days. So what should I do in script (i know the SQL query but how should i collect data in propertybag and how to configure this rule in scom).


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