General discussion

  • Application Name: ERDAS IMAGINE

    Application Version: 2015

    Company Name: Hexagon Geospatial

    App-v Version: 5.0.1104.0

    Sequencer Version: 5.0.1104.0

    OS Sequenced on: Windows 7 64bit

    Steps to Sequence:

    • Launch the Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer.
    • Select the Create a New Virtual Application Package option to launch the following dialog.
    • With the default option selected click Next button to show the Prepare Computer page.

    If there are any warnings follow the resolution and perform to remove the warnings.

    • Click Next button to show the Type of Application page.
    • Select the default option and click on Next button to show the Select Installer page.

    We recommend specifying the “Setup.exe” of the Hexagon Geospatial Setup Manager since it will provide control over all the pre-requisite software (Intergraph Licensing & ERDAS Foundation) and the configuration after installation of ERDAS IMAGINE.

    • Click the Next button to show the Package Name page. 
    • Give the package name and select the directory.
    • Click Next button to show the Installation page.

    The Hexagon Geospatial Setup Manager should launch. Run the installation from the Hexagon Geospatial Setup Manager.

    • After the installation is complete check the box for I am finished installing and click on Next button.
    • If the Intergraph Licensing is also a part of the package that is being created then from the Configure Software page click on the Run Selected button after selecting the Intergraph License Administration tool to launch it. Configure the license and close the tool. Run ERDAS IMAGINE to see if the license has been configured correctly. Click on the Next button for the Installation Report page to show up.
    • Click the Next button for the Customize page to show up.
    • If there is no customize like streaming, selecting the target OS needed then click on the Next button. If any customization is needed then select the Customize radio button and configure as appropriate. Once complete click on the Next button to move to the Create Package page.
    • Click on the Create button to start the creation of the package.

    Once the package is created it is ready for consumption.

    Wednesday, December 3, 2014 7:02 AM