Skype traffic being routed to TMG?


  • Hi, please excuse me I'm very new to all of this. Someone has left the company and my manager has asked me to look into how our Skype traffic is routed. So not sure if I should be asking this in a Skype forum or TMG forum.

    Basically our external Skype meetings do not connect, internal is fine. We have two proxies Zscaler and TMG, and my manager wants to know if we can push the Skype traffic through to an alternative proxy. In Zscaler I see no traffic forwarding rule in our PAC file to suggest that it's passed to TMG. Zscaler support however have advised that the traffic probably goes straight to TMG.

    Again I apologise but no one in our organisation seems too familiar with TMG and I would really appreciate any help in knowing where to look in TMG for how the Skype traffic is managed and handled please?

    I've noted in TMG that we have Lync related firewall and web access policies for Skype. I'm not sure if deleting them will route the traffic to the Zscaler traffic.

    Any help will be most gratefully received!!

    Tuesday, May 29, 2018 11:44 AM