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    I have a question regarding a benchmark of a Hyper-V with DiskSPD. I'm having a HPE DL308 Gen10 with 2x Intel Xeon 6134 @3,2GHz (each with 8-cores/16threads). I'm using the newest version (DiskSPD-2.0.21a). I tried to benchmark this server but I despair. I'm confused because the results in Total I/Os and latency aren't good in any way. This isn't the first server I'm benchmarking, so I'm intimate with the use of DiskSPD. I was trying now for several days to benchmark this server, but it's impossible to get an result which is "okay". My question is: how it is possible to benchmark only 1 or both processor/s. I am not able to tell DiskSPD which processor I'm trying to benchmark. When configuring the cores in the parameters DiskSPD is using processors across the system. It is not clearly which processor DiskSPD is using. It would be nice if anyone could give me an advice towards solving my problem, or could tell me where I can clearly see which processor (thread of which processor) is in use. Maybe someone also have got this problem and already solved it by editing the parameters.

    I would really appreciate if someone could help me solving this problem.

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  • To reach the diskspd experts, you should post your question in their Q&A -  You will find many more experts there.

    Also question how this question is related to Hyper-V.  One would not generally run the test on a Hyper-V host but within the individual VMs.  diskspd on the host does not mean much because the host is not performing any IO on behalf of the VMs, so any result for the Hyper-V host is fairly meaningless.


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    Just want to confirm the current situations.

    Please feel free to let me know if you need further assistance.

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