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    Ok,  I have found on my Pc with Vista Home Premium, Service pack 1 that  when Windows Explorer stops working, That I have a open folder and Internet Explorer is also opened, and when I close out the folder it will give the message. 


    It will not do it unless Internet explorer is opened.  It can be any folder. I found the problem to be a IE 7 add on. Which was the Weather Channel Tool bar.  I disabled the tool bar and no more problems.  enable and problem returns. 


    My problem was only when a folder and IE-7 was opened at the same time.  So i just removed the add on.  This problem with Windows Explorer has to do with all kinds on different software, That is running in the back ground or a program loading. 


     Hell they may never fix this problem.



    Sunday, May 11, 2008 4:03 PM