how the files are decreasing from RBS storage after some time i delete docs from document library, where shld I check the settings for this? RRS feed

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    I created a web application and configured  rbs storage ,

    I uploaded documents (for ex: 18 number)

     after uploaded  documents ,  and observed the RBS storage folder, number of files are increasing (39 number) , its working fine

    and also  I run the querys to check the rows increasing or not , (when I upload new doc rows are increased its fine also)

    select count(*) from alldocs
    Select count(*) from AllDocstreams 

    but when I delete some docs from document library ,

    1)the doc itself deleted from document library

    2)when I check the rbs storage  there is no number of files are decreased(its still 39 files ), its same as  before doc deleted from doc library

    after some time I found the number of files are decreasing from RBS storage folder in sql server,

    here I want to know the how the files are decreasing from RBS storage  after some time, where  shld I check the settings for this? and how I control on it

    here how I know the settings for cleaning up orphan BLBOS how  these deleted BLOB


    Sunday, May 4, 2014 5:54 PM


  • 1. WHen you delete the file from Sharepoint, it is still present in Recycle bin. This is a default setting in sharepoint for 30 days. Once files are deleted fro Recycle bin, it can also be delete from RBS

    2. There is a RBS cleanup job which deletes files from RBS. for more info check 


    Monday, May 5, 2014 9:05 AM