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  • I have purchased Vista Business 64bit, only i cannot get it to install.

    I have an Adaptec u320 39320D-R SCSI card and 2 x hard drives, when the install runs it says it cannot find any drives to install on.

    I have downloaded the Vista x64 SCSI drivers from Adaptec's website which are MS certified, but if I select the browse and choose the 39320D-R (Raid enabled) drivers , Vista just BSD's saying 'Stack Overrun'.

    So I tried the 39320D (non raid even though mine has host raid enabled - but not using raid! - XP even shows the SCSI controller as host raid enabled and didn't even require drivers when I installed it!)

    the non raid U39320D seems to load ok but the screen still shows no drives available to insall onto, i've clicked the refesh option and nothing appears.

    So now what do I do? I have a genuine Vista x64 Business copy, with genuine U320 39320D-R SCSI Card and drivers - supposedly certified by MS and they don't work.


    Any ideas how I can fix this?

    Wednesday, March 28, 2007 10:23 AM

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  • OK I'm getting somewhere.....

    I went into the SCSI utility (CTRL-A) and disabled HostRaid.

    Rebooted and ta-da Vista could see my drives, only I couldn't select the drive I wanted because it was an 'Extended' drive not the 'Primary' - obviously XP is the primary drive.

    So I re-booted to go into XP to check out what I had on the 'Extended' drive before I switched the drives over in the BIOS as I can't partition drive 0 as there isn't enough space on it!

    And guess what XP BSD'd on me, I tried to do a repair install of XP but the F6 additional drivers section BSD'd when installing, because the drivers are for HostRaid enabled - AGGHHHH.

    So it would seem that XP will run fine with HostRaid enabled even if there is no raid array running, yet Vista will not, I don't know if it's a driver issue or a Vista issue, either way I'm screwed.

    So I've had to re-enable HostRaid on the SCSI card to get XP to boot so I can go get the non-HostRaid drivers from the Adaptec website.

    I will then have to disable HostRaid, do a repair install of XP using the non-HostRaid drivers, then check everything is OK.

    If all is OK I will then have to switch primary drives in the BIOS so I can then start the Vista install.

    What a palaver , I'm then not sure if I will be able to dual boot as XP certianly won't boot with that drive not being 'Primary' and I will have to wait and see if once Vista is installed on the other drive whether it will boot if I switch it to being the 'Extended' drive in the BIOS.

    Does anyone know of this Vista 'multi-boot' program will help with this situation as it will be a nightmare if I have to keep going into the BIOS to swap drives each time I want to change the OS I want to boot into.

    Oh well I guess at least I've made progress if nothing else! Big Smile

    Regards, 1DMF

    Wednesday, March 28, 2007 12:56 PM