PowerShell scripting to disable "Opening Document in Client Applications" Across Entire SharePoint Online site???


  • I have been trying to find scripting to disable Excel and Word, etc, documents opening in the browser.  Trying to make this uniform across all sites and subsites.  We have several subsites and I need the script to disable this without me having to do it online for every single document library.  We have everything set up on Office 365 so none of the on premise solutions work.  Is there a script to set all Document Libraries to "Use the server default (Open in the client application)"?  Can someone please explain how to do this? Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi troman62,

    If you want to set all libraries to open document in the client application, you can set it in site collection level.

    1. On the Site Settings page, under Site Collection Administration, click Site Collection Features.

    2.On the Features page, for the Open Documents in Client Applications by Default feature, click Activate (OpenInClient Feature is enabled) to open documents in the client application. Click Deactivate (OpenInClient Feature is disabled) to open documents in the browser.

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  • That was already set to active, so everything that is still set to the default will already open that way.  But that doesn't solve my problem. It's the multiple libraries that have been changed from the default, how do I change them back?
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  • hi

    about powershell

    see this:

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  • Please follow this :

    At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type this command:

    Get-SPWeb -site <SiteCollURL> | % {$_.Lists} | where {$_.IrmEnabled -eq $true} | % {$_.DefaultItemOpen =[Microsoft.Sharepoint.DefaultItemOpen]::<DefaultItemOpenSetting>; $_.Update()}


    • <SiteCollURL> is the URL of the site collection where the document libraries reside.

    • <DefaultItemOpenSetting> is a DefaultItemOpen enumeration value that specifies the default open behavior. Use PreferClient to open documents in their associated client applications (if available).Use Browser to open documents in the browser.



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