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  • put this in microsoft tech companion for windows 8, even though it is an issue in windows 10.  If there is a better forum, please direct me.

    I have suddenly lost the magnify function of the second button on the side of my mouse.

    Mouse - Microsoft intellimouse explorer 2.0 also model 1007

    Windows 10 64 bit

    The mouse has a right and left button and a wheel. These work as they always have - left for click, right for options, wheel for scroll, both up and down and right and left. There are two thumb buttons on the left side. The one to the rear is the back button, and works just like it always has. The button in front of it, until a bit ago (month, maybe?) would toggle the magnify screen option on and off. All of the sudden, this toggle function just stopped.

    I looked in the mouse settings, and can't find anything that recognizes the second thumb button so I could add a "what do you want this button to do" to it. There is plenty in the ease of use area that explains the magnify function, but I can't see any way to assign these to the mouse. The mouse control panel lets you set the left and right finger buttons and the wheel, but not the back thumb button or the other thumb button.

    I looked at microsoft's site, thinking there might be a missing driver, but the only options I see are for windows 7 and before, and when I try to use these, I get a message about how the download is lower than the current driver, and the new stuff won't install.

    I installed windows 10 when it became available for free, and the mouse worked just fine under windows 10, but not any more. I'd like to get the mouse button function back on the mouse, not with three-key-shortcuts.


    S Moore

    Tuesday, January 5, 2016 7:32 PM