ERRORS occurs in Excel 2013 with get data from web function


  • Hello,

    why excel 2010/2013 could not import the web page(as shown below)

    I tried to use HTTP transaction monitor software (such as: fiddler) to monitoring the request. I found excel 2003/2007 is use "GET" method to request, but excel 2010/2013 is use "OPTIONS" to request this address "en/Institute/OnlineService/VDE-approved-products/Pages/".   So strange!!

    if there is excel setting/configuration or alternative workaround to fix the problem, thanks



    Excel 2003/2007

    Excel 2010/2013

    Import successfully

    Prompt windows security, ask user to input credentials,   even input correct windows account and password, import failed.


    Many Thanks


    Thursday, November 07, 2013 5:31 AM

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