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  • We'd like to use OneDrive as a store to share CCTV footage with specific users who request it in the organisation. Is there a way to limit access to specific files and folders to specific External IPs so that users cannot access this CCTV footage outside the organisation? I see there's a way to do it for the whole of sharepoint in the Sharepoint admin centre however this sets it for the entire system - this is not what i want.

    Also is it possible to set an expiry on a shared link for any of the sharing options in OneDrive? I see that it's only available for annoymous users but this is not good enough for us. Google drive has this feature, MS need to implement this feature if it's not avavilable.

    One last point, can MS please prevent shares files from been download led if theybare unable to be viewed in the browser such as m4a files. The whole point to prevent downloading files is to do that, not to allow those files that can't be played in a browser to be able to download them.

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019 10:05 PM