powershell script requires each user's credentials - how to manage? RRS feed

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  • about 50 users have access to our internal sharepoint site.  the site has about 10 pages, each with excel documents (published to excel services) that connect to an analysis services cube.  each user is configured with a unique set of role memberships in the cube.  therefore, when excel services caches a query for one user, another user accessing the same page / excel document will not be able to utilize the cached query.

    our cube is refreshed nightly, so i'm caching excel services queries for 24 hours. in order to improve performance, i'd like to "warm up" each page for each user nightly.  i wrote a powershell script to do this.  i manually created credential objects (using known user names and passwords) and stored them to the file system as text files (encrypted). the script hits each page using the credentials of each user.

    users are required to reset their password regularly.  i'd really prefer not to have to manually keep the credential objects updated.  is it possible to obtain credentials for each of these users from active directory programmatically? if so, i could use a pointer in the right direction.  if not, any suggestions for another way to approach this?

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011 6:19 AM