Continuously backing up mailbox in Exchange Server RRS feed

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  • I have near zero Exchange server administration experience. So I need advice to do backup configuration for one of the mailbox in my domain. Below is the requirement and what I am thinking as a solution.

    I have a (target) mailbox account in our Exchange Server 2007 SP2. I have been asked to setup two backups for this account such that

    • first backup will hold last three month's mail while second backup will hold all mails. 
    • First backup must be quickly accessible / online, that is, if any mail gets deleted from target mailbox, it must be immediately accessible from first backup.

    I am thinking to setup two backup mailboxes, first one on the same mail database as the target mailbox and second one on the different mail database.

    Then configure a transport rule to move any incoming and outgoing mails to and from the target mailbox to both first and second backup mailboxes. Then setup a rule on first mailbox to delete all mails more than three months old.

    I have also one requirements that backup mailbox should be exact replication of target mailbox, that is, if there is a mail in target mailbox's Sent Items folder, then it should be in Sent Items folder of backup mailboxes. This requirement is because user want first backup mailbox immediately accessible in the same form as the original one, i.e. they should be able to get all sent items in Sent Items folder and incoming items in Inbox.

    To do this, I am thinking to configure client side rule: 

    on: bakup mailboxes' Inbox folder 

    from: target mailbox

    move to: Sent Items folder

    And then finally silently drop it from target mailbox

    Though this will work, I want to know what is Microsoft recommended / industry followed standard approach / solution for similar or same requirement. I dont know, due to my lack of experience, if configuring backup mailboxes and transport layer rule can be a good idea for implementing single mailbox backup.

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 9:44 AM