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  •  During the request of NSA and Rep. Mike Rogers to reveal my Certificates which they thought was already been deleted and

    lost. Upon opening of the files Virtual Machines (VMware) hacked and took the Certificates ; Ha Ha little did they know those are

    not the online Certificates that I openned. I tried the Wizard ; which to my own dismay , extracted them all and distributed it to GOD knows where. I't has been a long time fishing within the Networks and Systems Administration Personnels , and one thing I am proud of; I never and did not hacked any account just to protect the Systems of the United States and i'ts allies . To correct

    the newscasters when they broadcast the news about the North Korean system shutdown; what I did is a program that will stop, trace , shutdown any systems that was illegally accessing the Federal Reserve of the United States of America .  North Korean Prime Minister already conceded that there will be no more attacks like that from their Intelligence Personnels. One thing that broke my heart at that time is that some moles from this government did to me ; ejected and terminated me from the panel upon the deliveration of judgement to ITT-Technical Institute case filed by NCP.

     "The urgent removal of " Hacker Tools " from ITT-Technical Institutes curricula ; this case resulted in the removal of that subject from Networking and IT courses from all Schools. "But the last quarter I was there, Mr. Kuster was supposed to teach Fedora and Red Hat Enterprixe Linux to our class, but it was the 'Hacker Tools " that he teached us. My classmates made some complaints with some of the employees , but I kept it as usual, discreet .

    Regarding Domain39.local and Domain39.com ; it was my legacy that will be with them as a mark that "No one can be judged by his race, by his educational attainment, or by his wealth; for it is GOD who will give all that wisdom that is needed to uphold the law, to protect the innocent consumers ,whom from day to day are being ransacked by people with knowledge but without principles. Even the NSF made a mistake in their decisions. The budget they have in their possesions are ment to be used for the Indigenous Communities around the World. It is not to be used to monitor and to teach students to hacked me just to know how i can backup my files with the size of more than 121GB. from a laptop with a 2048MB of harddrive . And to take note that I don't have any server farm whatsoever ; and those files are my works , that runs like a presentation when openned. Science is not enough, we learned from the books of those without any degree at all. =True! Within my skydive there are analysis and dvd maker presentations and screenshots . I need it for the bounty prize ; those who will help me earn that cash will be with me for a long way. As of now I am still stuggling from the venom of the black spider , I need some rest , I hope the last time those spider will bit me. 


    Nelson C. Sango


    Wednesday, December 25, 2013 4:29 PM