Windows 7 within iTunes 12 stops working when sync iPad RRS feed

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  • I am at my ends wit.  I have spent 3 days trying to solve this, without any success.  I have really time better off than sorting stupid software problems.   (Someone had a great rant, so I won't rehearse it - but it seems to me that if there is an issues, it should at least give some clear of what the software stops!!).  It seems to me that no one (NO ONE) is owning this problem  There are plenty of people who have the problem, and although some suggestions, it looks to me that there are just that - suggestions. 

    I have posted my problem on the Apple forum.  I have not heard.  But it seems to me that we (I) don't even know if it is an iTunes or a Windows problem.  and now I have no idea which way to go....

    Rant two ends.  The problem:


    I have windows 7 SP 1.  iTunes  I can imports CDs and play music.  But when attempting to sync,"iTunes has stopped working". It stops (usually) step 6. No doubt many of people have seen the issue.  I problem have not attempting to update since updating iTunes 12.  (On the side, I have not been able to update iTunes without deleting and reinstalling it for some.  Accordingly, I update with some concern, and only updated to 12 because I installed a new (different laptop), and wanted to keep the same levels.


    The steps I tried

    • Sync iPad Air (iOS 8.1).  Failed.
    • Tried to sync iPhone 5S.  It stopped.  I then looked through the apps etc in the phone.  I noticed, that my photos were not being synced (I had an issue with memory issue some months ago - now sorted - and so checked resynced them.   Tried again, and worked.  Hmmm.  (iPhone is at iOS 8.1)
    • Made changes with the apps etc on the iPad to recreate the same good result.  No success.
    • I deleted iTunes etc (in the correct order) and reinstalled.  No success.  tried a number of times.  (one of the definitions stupid  is to try the same steps expecting a different result)
    • Searched google, apple and microsoft pages.  Read them all.  No one seems to have a clear answer to the problem, let alone the solution.
    • Backed up iPad, and restored iPad.  No success - and now, of course the thing is now in a totally uncertain state.  It won't ask for sync, but if iTunes starts, the iPad carries on.
    • Deleted and reinstalled iTunes etc.  No success.  Tried again (and again? - I have lost track)
    • Someone suggested going back to iTunes 11.4.  Tried that (once sorted out the library files have been changed).  Now, same result.  (it all worked happily previously)
    • Tried a hard reset on the iPad.  No luck
    • Discovered one post suggest that QuickTime may be a problem.  Deleted iTunes and Quick Time.  Reinstalled iTunes.  No success.
    • Discovered turingtest's post "Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows" .  Followed the steps, including deleting the folders (only Program Files (x86)/common files/apple were there) and turned off AVG.  Same bad result.



    • I am thoroughly out of sorts.  And it is Tax time, which improve my temper.
    • iTunes installed. iCloud installed
    • windows 7 SP1.  The PC is not asking for any updates.
    • Qucktime not installed
    • iOS 8.1.2
    • iPad is probably useless, until problem solved - not all photos or apps downloaded



    iPad Air, iOS 8.1.2, Windows 7
    Thursday, January 15, 2015 1:54 AM