Unable to save changes to recipient list on networked drive RRS feed

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    If I use Mail Merge wizard in Word 07,  edit my source document (compat. mode on a network drive) and then close out I get the following message "5FAF7666.doc is a maiin document that is attached to a data source FTG data.dco that has not been saved.  Do you want to save FTG data.doc."  I choose Yes, and then get a message that I cannot because FTG data.doc is read -only.  I can edit the same document directly on the network drive, and I have verified that it is neither protected or read-only.  If I do the same thing on copied versions of the same files on my C drive, I have no problems. One other bit of information - I have zero problems when doing the same steps in Word 2003 in EITHER location.


    2 questions:

    1. Why is the main document showing up as "5faf7666.doc" instead of "FTG Receipt ltr.doc" in the message?

    2. Why do I not have the same issues on my C drive?

    Thursday, May 1, 2008 5:42 PM