Account Lockout policy not working-Server 2012 R2 Standers.. RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

     We have facing the accounts policy issue in server 2012 R2 ( GPO) since past one and half months, before it was working fine, this changes happen all of sudden without any changes. Details as follows..

    1. We are trying to implement accounts policy for users and requirements is as following.

      a. Accounts should be locked after three wrong password attempt.

      b. once accounts locked, only Administrator should be able to unlocked the accounts, till then it should be remain locked.

       when we placed the 0 (zero) under " Default domain policy- accounts lock out policy-- lockout duration", all the users are locking automatically. when we unlocked after one minute its getting locked again automatically.

    We put the value as following.


      lockout duration  0 ( when we place zero here it's not applying as per the policy defined by Microsoft.)

      Accounts lockout threshold  3

      Reset account lockout counter after 99,999 ( we tried different option here like 1, 20, 30 etc. still facing problem.)

     When we placed the numbers 1 through 99,999 its working fine but it's unlocking automatically certain period of time, which customer don't want, they want only it should be unlocked by administrator.

    Sunday, August 31, 2014 7:05 AM