DPM 2010 and slow VPN Connection questions.... RRS feed

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  • Hi there,

    i have a question about using DPM and Laptops. My customer has a question and i dont have the answere for this so i hope i find here one.

    We like to install DPM on a Windows XP Laptop. This is working fine, there is now problem with that. My problem is that the user is traveling around with this laptop. I know that DPM is making a backup to the local Harddisk when it has no connection to the DPM server, this is ok but when there is a connection open for exampel a VPN connection DPM is transferring his backup to the DPM Server, and here is the problem for me.

    I dont want that DPM is transferring his backups to the DPM Server when a VPN connection is open and here is the reason why... Here in germany when dont have big connections and when the user is connected over EDGE the connection is slow so when DPM is additionally transfairing his backups to the server the user cannot work anymore.... So how do i prevent DPM to copy his Data from the laptop to the Server when a slow VPN connection is open??

    Monday, November 22, 2010 8:42 AM