Problem exporting users in ILM RRS feed

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    thanks by your time in response this question,

    I have a problem when I excute the script StartSync.ps1 on server ILM, appear this error:

    PS C:\Program Files\Microsoft Identity Integration Server\SourceCode\Scripts> .\StartSync.ps1
    Hosted [Delta Import (Stage Only)]                          success
    OnPremise [Delta Import (Stage Only)]                       success
    OnPremise [Delta Sync]                                      success
    Hosted [Delta Sync]                                         success
    Hosted [Export]                                             completed-export-errors
    Please check event log for more information.
    Hosted [Delta Import (Stage Only)]                          completed-warnings

    When I check event log appear this error:

    Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.ExtensibleExtensionException: You can't use the domain  because it's not an accepted domain for your organization.
       at Microsoft.Exchange.XmaConnector.XmaExceptionManager.ReportErrorToILM(String errorMessage, ILMExceptionType errorType, XmaErrorCategory errorCategory)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.XmaConnector.MAExtension.IlmMAExtension.ExportEntry(ModificationType modificationType, String[] changedAttributes, CSEntry csentry)
    Microsoft Identity Integration Server 3.3.1101.2"

    thank you

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013 12:42 PM


  • I would say that "" isn't an accepted/verified domain in your live@edu tenancy. You might want to double check the ProvisioningDomain on the hosted MA and check that your live@edu domain matches and is verified. 

    Thursday, April 18, 2013 12:03 AM