SSIS Data Errors Handling


  • Hi ,

    I have been creating a package for automating  few files from a selected location  ,the source files are generated with all different type of data as there is no or   minimal validation  at source,i have selected  a sample of files and profiled the data and based on the results i'm implimenting the data types using a derived transform   and at  the source adapter i'm not doing anytype of validation  as i want to make this process  a measured and controlled process for data  errors and the batch to be easy to handle.

    To the redirected error rows  at derived column which does  type casting i have added  script componant to get error description  but the error description  is  same  as invalid expression for all errors ,when  I do the same at the source componanent error rows i'm getting  relevent error description.

    I request  members who faced similar situation  to give there  thoughts  on this approach and any preventative measures which need to be taken for the whole process to be less error prone and easy to debug



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