AppV 5.0 Network Failure error


  • Hello everyone, I have virtualized QuickBooks 2014 in AppV 5.0. We have a server at the datacenter that we use to Globally publish the virtual applications to the server. We then create a Remote application to the virtual application. We have had great success with other applications using other AppV 5.o as well as 4.6.

    This particular application (QB 2014 AppV 5.0), has a script that changes the permissions to the VFS to allow for license to be written.

    Here is the issue we are running into with this particular application. When the user goes to open the application, it will connect to the Application, The script runs because we see the Message (the permissions have been edited for your application), then the application will then close.

    We then try to reopen the application and we will immediately get a "Network Failure" error. Even if I try to open directly from the server where it is globally published.

    This error is from the trying to access via "Remote App"
    • Error produced from Remote Aoo
    Error produced from Remote Aoo

    This is directly from where the app is globally published
    • Error produced while attempting to launch from Globally published icon
    Error produced while attempting to launch from Globally published icon

    UPDATE: Here is the Event Viewer Error:
    Process 7000 failed to start due to Virtual Filesystem subsystem failure. Package ID {ba11d2ba-d2c5-4861-8ee8-b3bda532bfba}. Version ID {56a20036-a369-4fac-acc5-4c3c30ddb796}. Error: 0xFD01925-0x5

    I then turned up a new server and tested with a clean App-V 5.0 SP3 RDS client install. I was able to open the applicaiton directly from the new server with the application "Globally" Published just fine, then deployed the app via "Remote App", copied the RDP created to the test users desktop and was able to run, all looked good. Then I used another  test user  with the same RDP file and I get this error. I tried to run from the server itself and get the same error. Not sure where to go here. 

    Any help would be great!

    Thank you!


    Wednesday, April 23, 2014 7:04 PM


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