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  • I am exporting my SharePoint list with a people/group column and another lookup column to Excel spreadsheet. The problem is, in addition to the content of these two column, the group ID (from the lookup lists) of these two columns show after like "Jack Smith #45". I really need remove these numbers. I tried to use Excel formulas, but i found it very difficult since both of these two columns allow multiple choice. Any ways?


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    Here are some useful links which I think would give you a proper hand:



    Hope this could help you!


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  • Why did this maked as an answer?  Providing links to unrelated pages aren't answers.  I too would like to know how one exports to Excel with Lookup fields but not with the user/group IDs.  Did Microsoft actually test these features? Again MS provides only half uselful features in SharePoint while overlooking obvious issues.

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