Would it be easy to migrate ADSync Database to another Server ?


  • Hi,

    We are running Office 365 with ADSync / ADFS and ADFS Proxy Servers on premise.

    Currently, we are using SQL Server 2012 Express as ADSync Backend database.

    1) We just wonder whether it is possible for us to migrate that database from the ADSync Server to an external Database Server running SQL Server Standard Version.  This is because we are running out of space for the SQL Server Express database.

    2) We would like to know whether the Inbound and Outbound Rules for the ADSync Server is stored in the ADSync Database or there is another database / XML file for those rules ?

    3) Can we just restore the ADSync Database to an external SQL Server and make changes in ADSync Server configuration so that it points to the ADSync Database (External SQL Server) ?  Is there any URL for the documentation ?


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