FIM PowerShell cmdlets giving issues when used within a Workflow RRS feed

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  • Hi Folks,

    We have FIM Service and FIM Sync service hosted on server A and we have Portal and FIMService hosted on server B. We have configured workflows including FIM PowerShell cmdlets that gets called when a user becomes inactive in portal. So when the employeeStatus attribute value flows from Sync server to Portal server for bulk users we are getting below exception for few users:

    "System.InvalidOperationException: PowerShell script execution resulted in 5 error(s):
    The type initializer for 'Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.Client.ResourceManagementClient' threw an exception."

    I am guessing in a shot when the employee status becomes inactive for bulk users, the PS is not getting executed properly. Read various blogs and as suggested tried modifying "Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Service.exe" in both ServerA and ServerB. But still I keep encountering this error for few users.

    Tried modifying <resourceManagementClient resourceManagementServiceBaseAddress> to

    http://localhost:5725 and

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can try with. I am really stuck at this point and unable to proceed. Also please let me know the significance of this file Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Service.exe.




    Tuesday, June 30, 2015 10:11 AM